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Nerdist News: WTFriday

Aug 10, 2018

What gaming system is best: Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo? We’ll be breaking down what you need to know in the world of video games. And how will the Sony Spider-verse all tie together? Then the Academy Awards made some changes this week...good or bad? Plus - we are kicking off a new segment called ‘Convince Chobot’ - where our panel has to convince me to watch, play, read, or listen to something new! Next, is CBS All Access going all in on Star Trek? And BlacKkKlansman is out in theaters! Finally - in honor of the anniversary of Red Dawn, the first pg-13 film - we test our panel’s knowledge of pg-13 movies in w-t-friday trivia! All of this and more on today’s nerdist news What The Friday!

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