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Nerdist News: WTFriday

Jun 8, 2018

This week we’re joined by Alison Haislip (Half Hour Happy Hour) to discuss the Stranger Things spin-off books and season 3 rumors. HBO just announced a Game of Thrones spin off! Sex and The City celebrates its twentieth anniversary… DC re-launches Vertigo with a new slate of books, was this necessary? Speaking of comics, WB gave DC-TV architect Greg Berlanti a development deal to stay with company until 2024, what can Marvel learn from them about making quality tv? And finally, E3 is next week! What game announcements are you looking forward to? And with the release of Oceans 8 this weekend, we test our panel on how well they know Kate Blanchet. All this and more on today’s Nerdist News: WTFriday!

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