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Nerdist News: WTFriday

Sep 15, 2018

Is Batman the greatest superhero of all time? Just in time for Batman day on saturday, our team will break down the bat.  Plus - Captain Marvel’s trailer will probably drop next week! Are you ready? Then Venom has officially been rated… and it looks like Sony went safe with a pg-13. Is this the right move? Speaking of movies, Predator is out this weekend - are you in or out? Also - Solo A Star Wars Story drops on digital today and writer Jon Kasdan has some new bts details!  Then, why is Kanye West obsessed with Ready Player One? Well, our producer Erin Vail is here to explain all of it in a new segment we’re calling, Unvailing The Truth with Erin Vail.  Finally, looping it back around, we will test our panel’s knowledge on the one and only dark night Batman in w-t-friday trivia! All of this and more on today’s Nerdist News What The Friday!

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